​Psychic Stephanie

Love & Relationship Expert

Chakra Light Healing

During your session you may feel some of the following symptoms:
(NOTE: Each individual sessions will vary with customer and energy)

Energy at different energy points
(Third eye, wrist, palms, fingers, vortex, ankles, bottom of feet, toes, ears)

Most explain the feelings of ease, lighter, spiritual cleanse, heavy, spiritual serenity, feelings of relaxation and feelings of lifted awareness (third eye awakening), peace and purity.

Some have reported even feeling different temperatures during session: Hot, warm or cold.

Most customers focus on what they want to be rid of, such as: Negativity, personal issues or recent loss of certain relationships.

You may experience heightened awareness and spiritual awakening.

Each session with definitely be different with each person and as will the session be different each time with the same customer.

The chakra light healing sessions are totally safe and non invasive.Although you should continue to be treated by licensed doctors and physicians, none of Stephanies energy healing will interfere with therapy or medication prescribed by your doctor.
For more information please do not hesitate to call or email.