​Psychic Stephanie

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Are energy sessions safe? Yes, energy sessions are completely non-invasive and has no contradictions. Side effects are usually feeling really relaxed and sensing energy points. However please know that this is not a medical treatment and in no way should replace any medication or any type of treatment being prescribed by your medical doctor. 

What should I expect from a energy session or spiritual healing? 
Deep relaxation
Calming of the mind, body and soul
Increased energy
Elevation of mood
Release of negative emotions
Deepened spiritual insights
Better sleeping habits
Reduced anxiety
Stress reduction

What should I experience during a chakra balancing?

During the session you will remain filled clothes and face up, there will be crystals that you hold on to and one above your vortex and one to protect your

third-eye/crown chakra.

There is also a warmer to help relax the individual and 7 chakra lights will be turned on during a balancing or white lights will be used during white light healing.

Some individuals may experience a vibrating sensation at their main energy points (third eye or crown chakra, vortex or solar plexus, any major joints and hands and/or feet.