Psychic Stephanie

Psychic stephanie is a licensed professional that has been helping those need spiritual assistance for over 20 years.

Her expertise in love and relationships is now a little
over 18 years.

And energy healing for over 15 years.

Psychic Stephanie has also been interviewed and has predicted for FOX news.

Twice for NBC news and has read live and predicted for many on Augusta's HD 98.3 radio station.

She was also featured in article inherited intuition in Skirt! Magazine.

She has been featured at charities, fundraiser and all types of benefits.

Stephanie also travels frequently, she may be in Augusta,
 Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Atlanta, Orlando.

Psychic Stephanie has clients from all over earth and can work
with you through distance.

You can contact Stephanie many different ways.
Let her help you today for an rejuvenated tomorrow.